Invitation to Mystery

Definition of mystery from Merriam Webster online dictionary

1 a :  a religious truth that one can know only by revelation and cannot fully understand    .2a :   something not understood or beyond understanding :

When I first started this blog, I thought of mystery as something as positive only.  The beauty of creation, the wonder of redemption-something so marvelous it cannot be fully understood or even recognized through cognition.  It is something perceived by the soul and yet still not fully realized, leaving one longing for more.

Yet there is mystery also in suffering.  Why God allows people who don’t want children to concieve, yet my husband and I cannot have natural childen-something we started trying for as soon as we were married.  God’s answer to my prayers for healing from depression was “My strength is made perfect in weakness and my grace is sufficent for you.”  Can I understand these things fully anymore than I can understand the beautiful  mystery of the cross?

This blog is about human frailty, the struggles we face, the answers we don’t have and the promises in Christ we do have and cling to.  Writing helps me to see the big picture and remember to trust in the unseen hand of God and embrace hope.  This is my invitation to join me in unraveling the mystery of a lifetime-one that cannot be solved, not until our final chapter. My guess is that life is a good read-Because God writes our story, and he writes His words, His love in our hearts.  Amen



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