Kyrie Eleison

What I love about writing is that is gives my ADD brain liner thought and clarity somehow.  Clickity clack goes the keyes word come out life makes sense.  I find beauty in the pain and struggles of life somehow. Hopefully God uses it to inspire me and maybe others.

What I dislike about writing is that it is easy at times to do, but hard to practice what I preach.  I feel like the way I write is idealistic and lofty or…I don’t know.  I want life always to be beautiful and mysterious, and to always feel close to God.   Real life is gritty and often mundane.  My real life, my other self that thinks so differently off these pages is messy, chaotic, and prone to put up a tough front and be a little foul mouthed.  I lack a filter.  I gush. Writing is editable. Life is not.  Writing can create ideas, emotions, and lovely or sad pictures, and those pictures can somewhat point to the truth, but they are just pictures after all-

Yet I cannot keep from painting them.


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I am a recovering approval addict admitting my brokenness and trying to recover authenticity and vulnerability in my walk with God.

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