Paper Snow

I have always been a fan of making paper snowflakes.  I think this is mainly because I cannot draw, but I can fold and cut crude shapes.  The best part about making them is unfolding them to see what they look like.  I love to challenge myself to make each one unique as possible.  Sadly, after a while they  all start looking some what the same.

Recently the kids in my afterschool program created crystals out of Borax and water.  I realized I did not know enough about why the crystals formed-well I did not know much about crystals at all.  So I did some research.  It is then I saw for the first time snowflakes magnified to the extent they are in the featured image…mind blown

So after I finished scraping my brain off the the ceiling and placing the remains back in my skull, I decided to blog.  Only I have few words to describe how I feel or what I am thinking.

Honey if that aint intelligent design I don’t know what is.

Millions and billions and trillion of snowflakes have fallen over the centuries and no two are alike.  This I knew.  What I did not know is how different some are from each other, and the intricacy of some of their designs. They look like silver and diamond patterns that you might find on a royal crown.  I can almost see an angel in heaven or God Himself  cutting them out sending them to earth like floating, weightless jewels.  One shovel full of snow contains tiny treasures tossed aside until spring steals them away.  I am awashed in wonder at the thought, realizing that God is King of Kings, a generous one, who shares His riches with us, if we only stop and look. Every fall leaf, every spring flower, Every summer storm thundering from the heavens reveals His splendor.  We take them for granted.  We forget to be amazed, to walk in wonder upon the earth God has created.  We forget that we exist because of Him, that in Him, in Jesus, we live and move and have our being.

That being said, I hope come February I will not complain about the snow or the cold.  Instead I hope to continue to view it as glorious gift from God.  Pray for me.


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An imperfect and broken woman, I seek to know God better believing His promise "to make all things new..." one day at a time, one moment at a time.

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