Freedom, Guns, Drugs, and Jesus

In any society we must balance freedom and so called safety.  The more Freedom you give to those in power, the more safe they will keep you from criminals-  Until of course the ones in power become the ones who threaten your safety and well being.

The Bill of Rights, when enforced, protect us from the need for Libertarians.  I almost became a Libertarian when I felt my Rights as an American citizen were being threatened. Then I remembered the Bill of Rights.  I just want those buggers not to be messed with.

The idea that  legalizing drugs will end gang wars and stop prisons from being over crowded shows some people don’t  know the nature of the beast.  When drugs become legal, are gang bangers and mob bosses going to become florists and school teachers?  Criminals will just find another enterprise.  People will still need to cheat and steal to support their drug habit.  Drug addicts would skip the stage sentencing them to rehab for possession of narcotics, and move right into being incarcerated for petty theft or repeatedly  robbing  gas stations by finger point.

I hate guns.  Yet the powers that be have guns.  Criminals have guns.  So despite my distaste for them, I think citizens should have guns.  It is not only constitutional, it is the balance of power.

We all have social security numbers…why?  So we can receive money back from the government that was ours in the first place.  For this privileged we are numbered-serialized from birth.

Now anyone in NH can carry and conceal without a license.  Why do we need to pass a test in order to drive, but not to own a gun?  While I believe in the right to bare arms, I would be lying if I said this didn’t bother me. Is there a middle ground to be found here?  Or is a jackass with a gun who doesn’t have a clue how to use it the price we pay for freedom.  I don’t know.

Political Correctness has replaced manners.  It is a word that robs people of stating reasonable opinions.  Manners is about being kind, pleasant and respectful.  Someone with good manners does not insult people or use any kind of racial slur.  Political correctness  is simply a way of not offending those who want to revolutionize society’s norms.  If you are uncomfortable with males having access to the women’s bathroom because of the transgender issue, you’er a bigot, no matter how respectful and honest you try to be about your feelings. Calling someone a bigot or a Nazi is serious actuation, a hurtful term, and an insult of the worse kind.  It is bad manners.

We live in a world that is imperfect and contains evil.  We have to live with it and do the best we can in politics and laws.  I think the answer to evil has always been about Christ.  It is about changing the world, one person at a time not by laws but from within.  It is not the kind of change that makes us “decent” people, but a gradual change to become transformed into a being that radiates God’s love.  If everyone were like that, the world would be an awesome place.  Yet people have free choice.  So I guess the best hope for America and the world is Jesus’ return.



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An imperfect and broken woman, I seek to know God better believing His promise "to make all things new..." one day at a time, one moment at a time.

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