Sometimes the truth is hard to accept

and fatal to believe-

Yet we are told

It sets us free-

Even when it is painful.

Does pain teach us to endure,

Or rather to love

Without fear or reservation,

The whole wide creation-

And the One who made it all…

Is he not good?

Does the sunlight not fall on my face?

Is the world spinning out of orbit,

At life’s great disappointment?

Will the flowers fail to bloom in spring

Because my heart fails to sing?


Time will march on

In sorrow and joy

without my consent

I pray for the courage

To carry on

even when tears veil my eyes

This is my greatest victory.








The blinking black line

The soft blue light

Offer no real answers or truth

Just distractions

Leaving me with promises

That break my heart

Yet help me carry on

Follow me…

My yoke is easy

My burden light

The midnight path

Though it seem dark and narrow

Is streaked with light.